Common questions and answers on owning a Jet-Black Franchise:

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Q.  What does Jet-Black do?

A.   Jet-Black is in the home improvement business working in the billion dollar asphalt maintenance industry.  Primary work includes sealcoating and asphalt repair.  Jet-Black franchisees achieve success through industry knowledge, premium products, detailed work, ease of operation, proven marketing, corporate support and superior customer service.

Q.  What is the 10 step process to owning my own Jet-Black?

A.   1.  Carefully view all of the franchising information on this website. Also look over the consumer website at www.jet-black.com2.  Contact Jet-Black director of franchising, Nick Kelso at 952-212-0410 or Nick@Jet-Black.com3.  Request a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Carefully read the detailed FDD.  4.  Visit Jet-Black International headquarters in Savage, MN for a discovery day.  5.  Select an open territory of your choice.  6.  If approved, sign a Jet-Black franchise agreement. 7. Live field training at Jet-Black Franchise Group headquarters in Minnesota.  8.  Receive Jet-Black equipment and tools, including your custom, all-in-one Jet-Black trailer.  9.  Initiate grand opening advertising campaign.  10.  Start operating your new Jet-Black business!

Q.  What type of person is the perfect fit as a Jet-Black franchisee?

A.   Actually, there are 2 types:

1.  A hands-on person who wants to do some, or all of the labor work himself and be fully involved in all aspects of the business.  You will get to work out-doors, get your hands dirty, train employees; but also be in charge of all the aspects of the business, including office work, customer service, estimating, billing, and more.  Possibly a blue-collar worker who is looking to be his own boss or someone who has had enough of a stuffy office setting. 

2. Someone who is interested in managing a team of employees and be fully in charge of organizing and over-seeing the business; possibly running multiple territories and seeking future expansion.  This person may have previous experience in owning a franchise or other business; or held previous management positions and is ready to own and operate his/her own business instead of being a small part of a big company. 

Q.  What will I need that is not included in the franchise price?

A.   Most franchisees have a home office and basic storage.  You can expect to need minimum of a 3 car storage area for your trailer, truck, storage tank, and supplies; for a single territory franchise.  Half of this or more can be out-door storage.  Most franchisees use a home garage or rent simple storage.  Even basic farm sheds work great.  It will be very important to have a reliable computer and good internet service.  A PC or Mac will support our database software.  It is a requirement to have a black work truck with provided decals.  A basic full-size pick-up truck will easily pull the Jet-Black custom trailer.   There are minimum insurance requirements and other varying expenses with doing business in your state.

Q.  How quickly can I get started?

A.   The decision to open a Jet-Black franchise should be a thorough and patient process.  Please spend sufficient time performing due diligence and make sure all your questions are answered.  An FDD must be in hand for 10 days before signing an agreement.  Once an agreement is signed and closing completed, you can be up and running within a couple weeks in most cases (in season). 

Q.  Will Jet-Black Franchise Group finance any part of the franchise price?

A.   In 2013, Jet-Black can finance a portion of the start-up cost for approved applicants and in select states.  Amounts vary depending on equipment options.  Please contact us for more information.

  Jet-Black is listed on the National SBA Franchise Registry.  The SBA Registry lists names of franchise companies whose franchisees enjoy the benefits of a streamlined review process of SBA loan applications.

Q.  Is Jet-Black a seasonal business?

A.   Yes - in cold wether climates.  However, you can pack a tremendous amount of work into a 6-8 month season.  Minimum temperatures for sealcoating work is about 50 degrees.  We look at it as a great advantage - you can earn an annual income in a seasonal business.

Q.  What do franchisees do in the off-season?

A.   Whatever they want!  Some franchisees use their asphalt contacts for snow-removal work, but most spend time with their families and enjoy the winter holidays with no work obligations.  There is off-season business work and planning, including our late winter/early spring pre-pay program.  We also have our annual Jet-Black winter conference, usually in February. 

Q.  What is the size of a single territory?

A.   Our starting point base territory size for a premium territory is a location with 30,000 single family homes with a household income of $75,000 or more.  We will assist you with demographic information on the geographic area you are interested in.  Jet-Black franchise development  may increase the territory size in non-premium areas with less residential asphalt.  Territories are assigned by zip code.  Additional territories follow the same guidelines, but are half price after the first.

Q.  What is a commercial based franchise?

A.   While most Jet-Black franchises focus on a mix of residential and commercial work, some areas of the country have very little residential asphalt.  These areas may still have great potential for commercial work, focussing on parking lots, multi-unit housing, roadways, and government work.  Additional equipment is required, like a commercial spray rig and larger storage tank, for a commercial based franchise.  See investment levels.

Q.  What is the FDD?

A.   The FDD, Franchise Disclosure Document, is a document of disclosure required by the FTC of all franchisors that provides prospective franchisees a fair opportunity for studying the investment before buying. It is routinely given to prospective franchisees by the franchisor once the franchisor is satisfied that the prospect is qualified to purchase the franchise.  The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of an FDD.  The FDD is very detailed and includes all franchise rules and regulations and much more.  An FDD can be mailed to serious franchise prospects, and is required to be in hand with a potential franchisee for 10 days before signing an agreement.


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