Jet-Black is in the property improvement business working in the billion dollar asphalt maintenance industry.  Primary work includes sealcoating, crack sealing and asphalt repair.  A Jet-Black franchise is home based, easy to learn and low risk. Join a team of over 40 franchise owners working over 100 Jet-Black Franchise Group territories in 16 states, and provide a true national asphalt maintenance brand to your community.  Jet-Black owners achieve success through industry knowledge, premium products, detailed training, ease of operation, proven marketing, ongoing corporate support, and superior customer service.

What are you looking for?: Be your own boss.  Work out-doors.  Work from home.  Provide an in-demand service. Enjoy a happy, returning customer base.  Hands-on work or manage a team.   Earn an annual income in a seasonal business (take winters off).  Be proud to provide the highest quality asphalt maintenance products and services in the world.

The Jet-Black franchise development team has 30 years of experience in the asphalt maintenance industry and 24 years of experience working with and training franchisees.  Collectively, Jet-Black Franchise Group owners have completed over 200,000 jobs.  You will be fully trained and equipped to run your very own business within a couple weeks. 

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Join the largest asphalt maintenance company in the U.S.; Completing over 20,000 jobs per year!

Protected territories available across the U.S. and Canada



Why Jet-Black?

Asphalt Sealcoating and Repair

Partial in-house financing available

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