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Since 1987, the award winning Jet-Black Franchise Group has been a leader in the property maintenance industry.  Operating over 110 franchises in 16 states, our franchise owners achieve success through quality training, ongoing corporate support, and a proven system for success.

Our Franchise Companies...

Jet-Black® is in the home improvement business working in the billion dollar asphalt maintenance industry.  Primary work includes sealcoating and asphalt repair.  Established in 1987.Jet-Black.html
Black Dawg Sealcoat® is a brand option in certain geographic regions of the US.  Black Dawg Sealcoat® and Jet-Black® combine to be the largest asphalt maintenance company in the United States.BlackDawg.html
Yellow Dawg Line Striping® is an industry leader in professional pavement line striping.  Utilizing high tech equipment and high quality paints, Yellow Dawg franchise owners excel in this high demand industry.YellowDawg.html

Jet-Black Franchise Group has been awarded a spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious annual Franchise 500® Issue.  Once again, Jet-Black is one of the highest ranked property maintenance franchisors in the listings and has been the highest rated asphalt maintenance company for 17 years!  With over 10,000 franchise systems in the US, it is an honor to be listed in the top 500.  The 2017 Franchise 500® issue is available on newsstands now!

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